Saturday, September 12, 2009

See You Tomorrow!

This is the calm before the storm. Tomorrow night 2,100+ athletes will cross through the arch below to become an IronMan again or for the first time.
This guy is already Iron; he will be just polishing up his title tomorrow.
Thank you to Mollie for taking a picture of us together. Normally it's all just cheezy self portraits of myself and pictures of Aaron.

He's ready to go! Where's the start line?!

Well, maybe one cheezy self portrait. :)

The Over-Trained and the "Under-Trained"

Aaron met a man yesterday who has been swimming 3-4 miles and biking around 150 miles to train for the Ironman, even though the IM swim distance is only 2.4 miles and the bike only 112 (Ha! You can tell I'm an Ironman's wife when I say the swim is only 2.4 miles...). We met up with him and his wife after checking Aaron's gear in.

Get your game face on! The race a little more than 14 hours from starting!!!

Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival

This weekend happened to not olny be the Ironman in Wisconsin, but also the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival in Jefferson, WI (only 30 minutes away from Madison)!

I've never been to a festival of this sorts before, and man was it fun! I got to meet owners of the following shops:

Happy Hands Yarn
Rach-Al-Paca Farm (<- she's practically my neighbor!)
Briar Rose Fibers

And these were just the ones I purchased something from! There were so many other great booths and it was tons of fun to chat with everyone. Please enjoy some of my pictures of the booths and sheep herding from the event!

And after all that excitement, I got to shop at my first ever Piggly Wiggly!

(Cheezy self portrait warning!)

We're Here!

Ironman Wisconsin is tomorrow and we have arrived. Check out Ironman Wisconsin to watch live race day coverage of Aaron! #562